Eva Carlberg Westelius



My first portrait was of my father when I was 7 years old. Since then and during the years, I have been FARfortunate to be asked to do quite a
few more. I started off with my own children expanding to children of friends and like circles on water, h
earsay spread to other families and there I was, painting children portraits for several years. Thanks to those early portraits, my self-confidence grew and my dream to work as an artist began to come true.


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Sofia Goldson 1975      -  Henrik Engström 1976     -    The Summer Girl 1974       -     Mme Persille 2015 

Lena Hellner

Kettil JermarkLars Sander                                           









            Lena Hellner1989                    -                 Lars Sander 1996                    -                 Kettil Jernmark 1994 

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flicka i slokhattIMG 0168

              DenVita Hatten                                          Slokhatten                                        Stråhatten