Eva Carlberg Westelius



0 img 018k"Avoid sunsets, flowers and children!" said the great master of watercolours, Arne Isacsson. It was easier said than done. I already portrayed many children and had, more often than not, fallen for one or other flower so hard to resist. Mastering the watercolour technique is more difficult than you think. Actually, behind each successfully made piece of work, there are plenty of miserable attempts! However, it's just to struggle on... Being a teacher in Art I started watercolour groups. The first group was a Saturday painting session for architects. Then, followed summer-classes in France, for many years and in wintertime, I had classes in my studio in Stockholm. Meeting these eager people has been very rewarding in many ways. However, in the end, it's always up to each person to find your own style, your own set of colours and way of expression. Most importantly, do it, because you enjoy it! 


20 Oped le vieux


Park i Paris






-  LE VIEU OPED 1994  /  A COOL PLACE Paris 2001 -/ PARK PEOPLE Paris 2001  -


IMG 038 boganvilleimg 140n 0 Bord duka dig Tanum 93


ENDIVE POLLONAISE     /     BORD DUKA DIG 1993       /   BOUGAINVILLE, Santa Barbara 2015*           

03d021d IMG 1092

 PICKNICK  Stockholm 1996 


  THE REDHEAD, 1994   /                 MALE MODEL, 1996 -